Window cake

Mister Rogers arrives with red strips of paper and a sheet of yellow paper. He folds the sheet in half and pastes the strips on the sheet to form a window. Mister Rogers asks his viewers to decide which strips are longer. Chef Brockett arrives with two yellow cakes. Mister Rogers and the chef decorate the cakes with red lines to make two windows. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Chef Brockett gives the window cake to Lady Elaine and Grandpere. Grandpere teaches Lady Elaine French words. Handyman Negri arrives to help Lady Elaine fix the king’s window that she broke. Lady Elaine uses her magic boomerang to fix the broken window into a “Fancy French” window. King Friday likes the window. Back at Mister Rogers’ home, Joe Negri calls Mister Rogers to inform him that his record is ready to be picked up. Mister Rogers goes to Mr. Negri’s music and record shop and learns about new instruments and the metro Neighborhood of Make-Believe.