What to do when you’re angry

Mister Rogers enters carrying a slide whistle. Maggie Stewart shows up with a water and colored oil paperweight. Maggie sings and signs a song in American Sign Language. Maggie Stewart says she swims when she is feeling angry and it makes her feel better. Mister Rogers says when he makes up a new song on the piano it make him feel good. Later, Jay Styperk stops by to do some exercises with Mister Rogers. Jay talks about being in a wheelchair. Mr. McFeely shows up with a painting by Red Grooms for Mister Rogers. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara Saturday is talking to Robert Troll about Lady Elaine Fairchilde’s anger. Robert Troll decides to draw Grandpere’s tower which was what Lady Elaine had been trying to draw. Grandpere comes out and says, in French, he likes Robert Troll’s drawing. Robert Troll and Mayor Maggie got to see Lady Elaine. Lady Elaine looks at Robert Troll’s picture and she goes to get her boomerang. Lady Elaine use her boomerang magic to turn Grandpere’s tower upside down.