Vacuums are loud but not scary

Mister Rogers enters carrying a megaphone. He explains that a megaphone is something that makes your voice bigger. This particular megaphone belongs to his neighbor Marilyn Barnett; she uses it when she teaches big classes. Later, Mister Rogers goes to visit Inner-City Art Center. Here Bob Bates shows Mister Rogers a number of different classrooms where kids are creating art and music. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Purple Panda asks Lady Elaine what she doesn’t like about vacuums. Lady Elaine is afraid of the noise and afraid that she is going to be sucked up like dirt. Lady Aberlin, Mr. Aber, and Purple Panda explain that people are not dirt and can’t be sucked up. Purple Panda tells Lady Elaine that long ago he was afraid of vacuums too, but his purple parents talked to him and showed him how vacuums work and now he is not afraid.