Using a magnifying glass

Mister Rogers arrives with an envelope he found on his porch. Opening the envelope, he finds a cassette tape with a message from Bob Trow instructing Mister Rogers to call a specific phone number. When he calls, Mr. Trow informs him that he is allowed to open the box only after he sings Sometimes People Are Good. Once he sings the song, Mister Rogers opens the package to find a magnifying glass. After demonstrating how the magnifying glass works, Mister Rogers plays a game of “Do You Know What This Is?” with Picture Picture. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Bob Dog is playing with Prince Tuesday and a magnifying glass. King Friday thinks that the magnifying glass makes the prince grow. At the Platypus mound, Lady Elaine Fairchilde starts to open the package when the recorded voice of Dr. Bill Platypus is heard: “This is a recording. If anyone opens this trunk any further, that person will not get a present.” Just then, Mr. McFeely arrives with more presents to be left at the mound and Lady Elaine is certain one must be for her. Back at the house, Mister Rogers thinks about special places before Bob Trow stops by with a large sheet of paper. Mister Rogers lies down on the paper while Mr. Trow traces his outline.