Mister Rogers arrives with a blue piece of cardboard with the word “typewriter” on one side and a picture of a typewriter on the other. After talking about words and spelling, Mister Rogers compares the picture of the typewriter to a real typewriter. Mister Rogers types the word “typewriter” on the typewriter his father used when Mister Rogers was a child. He watches a Funny Fast Film of Betty Aberlin making a bed, which he replays for Betty Aberlin when she arrives. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin, King Friday and Queen Sara are listening to a musical group play while an artist draws pictures. While the group sings, the artist draws colorful portraits of the king and queen, a baby, and Noah and his ark. Back with Mister Rogers, Betty Aberlin gives Mister Rogers some doodling she drew. Mister Rogers talks about different ways people can write words.