The round celebration

After Mister Rogers enters and gets settled, Laurie Tarter calls to invite him to the neighborhood dance studio. We go there and watch children dance, and then the children act out a story as Laurie tells it. Mister Rogers and the children watch as Laurie and other adult dancers rehearse a dance. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday and Hula Mouse are at the castle; Prince Tuesday is hula hooping. When King Friday arrives, Prince Tuesday goes inside, and King Friday apologizes to H.M. for the way he acted when he threw Lady Aberlin’s toy. King Friday decides he will attend the round celebration, and the round item he will take will be his crown. H.M. has a large hula hoop, a small hula hoop, and a square toy; he gives his large hula hoop to Mayor Maggie to take to the round celebration. H.M., Prince Tuesday, and King Friday go to the Museum-Go-Round where Lady Elaine is wearing an outfit that has round decorations all over it; the Museum-Go-Round is completely adorned with shiny, round, colorful decorations. King Friday apologizes to Lady Elaine for his behavior on the day he got angry. Back in Mister Rogers’ house, Mister Rogers feeds the fish. Mr. McFeely arrives with a video called ‘How people make marbles.’ As he and Mister Rogers watch the video, Mr. McFeely explains the marble-making process.