The puppets from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe

Mister Rogers shows some of the puppets from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and makes their voices. Mister Rogers invites Lenny Meledandri to come over to do Prince Tuesday’s voice. Mister Rogers makes the puppets out of plastic spoons, crayons, and ribbons. Lenny visits and makes Tuesday’s voice. He even makes Tuesday speak Italian. Later, Mister Rogers explains that Cornflake was feeling left out because he thinks no one remembers his birthday. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara Saturday and Mayor Maggie plan for Cornflake S. Pecially’s surprise party. Mayor Maggie asks Cornflake why he has a question mark on his factory and he replies that he is wondering what people do on their birthdays. Mr. Aber finds Tuesday’s cape on the ground and Tuesday admits that he put it there on purpose. Mr. Aber explains that everyone likes Tuesday for who he is on the inside and then they play hide-and-seek.