“The Lost and Found Teddy Bear” Opera

Today is opera day. Mister Rogers brings a teddy bear with him. The trolley delivers an invitation to Mister Rogers for the opera.In the opera, the teddy bear is lost. His caretaker and the policeman look for him. His caretaker decides that the teddy bear has gone to sea. She asks the captain if she can sail with him to look for the teddy bear. They sail to various ports looking for the bear. They sight a whale that swims away. Mrs. Franklin shows them her teddy bear and suggests they go to Scotland. They see the whale there who has been frightened by the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie says she is harmless and invites the whale to play while the piper pipes. The policeman sees the teddy bear at home holding a “found” sign. He had been under the couch taking a nap. The captain declares his love to the caretaker.