The King’s bass fiddle

Mister Rogers arrives with a variety of stringed instruments including a violin, viola, cello, and bass violin. He demonstrates the different sounds that they make. Taking a few of the instruments to Negri’s Music Shop, Mister Rogers watches as Joe Negri and Johnny Costa join a group of musicians rehearsing Days of the Week. The musicians play Ornithorhynchus Anatinus. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri and Elsie Jean Platypus sing baby Ana to asleep. Queen Sara arrives at the Platypus mound and expresses her concern for King Friday who she feels does not have enough to do. Mr. McFeely arrives with a bass fiddle kit for King Friday which Handyman Negri quickly assembles. King Friday is frustrated when he cannot make beautiful music. At Handyman Negri’s suggestion, King Friday considers taking music lessons. Back at the house, Mr. McFeely stops by to pick up the remaining instruments to be returned to Negri’s Music Shop.