The Frogg family moves

Mister Rogers brings a round disk and identifies other round shapes in the room. Mr. McFeely asks Mister Rogers to help pump air into the flat tire on his bicycle. He has a telegram to deliver in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri has inflated a beach ball for King Friday. The king wants to know what the telegram to Mrs. Frogg says and sends Handyman Negri to find out. Mrs. Frogg is eagerly awaiting the telegram from her husband. When the telegram is delivered she learns that Dr. Frogg has been offered a job with the children’s zoo in Westwood. The Frogg family will have to move there in three days. Sara Saturday lives in Westwood. King Friday says the Froggs will need his permission to move. He wants Handyman Negri to help them. The king says he might visit the Froggs after their move. Back with Mister Rogers, Mr. McFeely delivers a sculpture to Mister Rogers. The disk Mister Rogers brought with him at the beginning of the program fits onto the sculpture.