The Found Objects Sharing Exhibit

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors an apple and apple juice. He asks if they have ever wondered how apple juice is made. Mr. McFeely arrives with a video tape: “How People Make Apple Juice.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is looking for Lady Aberlin. Lady Aberlin has been working for FFTW (Food For the World). King Friday tells her that he wants her to work for CFTK (Crown for the King). Cornflake S. Pecially calls Lady Aberlin over to tell her that his new block rocker is missing. At the Museum-Go-Round, Betty Okonak Templeton is helping to prepare the Found Objects Sharing Exhibit. Lady Elaine comes out with the Block Rocker in hand and claims that Corney has “shared” it with her. Lady Elaine gives an apple to Lady Aberlin and to Neighbor Aber who soon find that the apples have been taken from Daniel’s clock. Back at the house, Marilyn Barnett shows up with her friend Todd Neufeld. Todd Neufeld demonstrates how rhythm sticks work and helps Mister Rogers try it out. Marilyn shows some exercise you can do to get ready to use rhythm sticks. Mister Rogers states that good teachers make a difference.