The Babysitter Opera

A brand-new season of the hit PBS KIDS show, Donkey Hodie, premieres this August 14. To celebrate, we have curated a special batch of episodes that feature the characters on the show who originally appeared in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Watch Grampy Hodie, Bob Dog, and more!


Mister Rogers brings a cape, top hat, and opera glasses because it is opera day, the show’s first opera – “The Babysitter Opera.” Betty Aberlin visits disguised in a feather boa. Together, they practice a song that Lady Aberlin will perform in her role as the mother. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Sara Saturday sends the King a photograph with her regrets that she can’t attend. In the opera, Donkey Hodie has a pivotal role as the son. The opera opens with the mother going out and leaving her son with a babysitter, played by Henrietta Pussycat, and grandfather, played by Reardon. King Friday is quite touched by the opera’s message of missing someone as he sits next to his picture of Sara Saturday. He and the cast retire to the castle’s Compliments Room where he will give them all his royal compliments.