Suitcases rock

Mister Rogers tapes together two large pieces of cardboard to make a suitcase. He discusses weight as he puts different items into the suitcase. He decorates his suitcase with crayons. Mister Rogers does an experiment, putting water into a glass to make it heavier and pouring it out to make the glass lighter. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel tries to guess the contents of Mr. Anybody’s empty suitcase and tells Mr. Anybody about the new baby platypus named Ana. As Mr. Anybody congratulates Dr. Bill on his new baby, Lady Elaine asks Mr. Anybody to pick up his suitcase to show everyone it is light. Mr. Anybody is confused to find a heavy rock inside the heavy suitcase with the initials L.E.F. on it. Mr. Anybody and Daniel agree that Lady Elaine must have put the rock inside the case.