Something missing after swimming

Mister Rogers shows the TV neighbors his swimming gear: goggles, swim cap, and hand fins. He demonstrates how each item is worn and then remembers a time when he went swimming with his neighbor, Jay Styperk. Jay Styperk shows Mister Rogers how to improve his stroke using fins. Maggie Stewart shows up and shows Mister Rogers the ASL sign for taking care. Mister Rogers makes a crown out of a paper bag and decorates it. He gives the crown to Jay. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri shows up to tell Mayor Maggie that King Friday will be late because he is still swimming. Queen Sara Saturday comes out and says that King Friday’s crown went missing while he was swimming. King Friday arrives and gives Mayor Maggie a two-sided sign to wear– one side says “royal looker” and one side says “royal finder.” Mayor Maggie decides to go and look in Westwood for the crown.