Mister Rogers shows silhouettes of a carrot and a potato made out of black paper and compares the carrot to a colored picture. Mr. McFeely brings over Jim West who is a shadow artist and makes shadow pictures on the refrigerator door with his hands, arms, and head. Mister Rogers begins reading a poem called “My Shadow” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Mr. McFeely brings a video called “How People Make Lightbulbs” and explains the different parts that comprise a lightbulb. Mister Rogers shows a silhouette of a tree and sings “Tree, Tree, Tree.” He talks about the special ability to love. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara tells Robert Troll that Trolley needs to stay on schedule and on its tracks. King Friday asks Robert to return some “shadows” made out of paper to the neighbors they belong to. Robert returns the shadows to X the Owl and Henrietta while Lady Aberlin brings Harriett and Donkey Hodie theirs. Robert shows Lady Aberlin that Trolley can show pictures of past events when taken off the track. Queen Sara catches Trolley off the track and tells Robert and Lady Aberlin to come inside and explain.