Round and round on the merry-go-round

Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors how to make a ring toss using a paper plate and a balloon. Marilyn Barnett stops by for some stretching exercises and Mister Rogers gives her the ring-toss game. Back in the kitchen, he uses another paper plate to make a pretend merry-go-round and sings a very simple song as it spins on top of the Museum-Go-Round model.
In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. Aber is telling Queen Sara Saturday that Lady Elaine Fairchilde is missing. Queen Sara agrees to look for Lady Elaine in every room in the castle. Prince Tuesday tells Mr. Aber that Fortune Cookie Man is missing, too. X the Owl shows Mr. Aber a magic finder balloon — a helium balloon that will find whoever you are looking for if you write their name on it. Betty Templeton blows up the balloons and Mr. Aber writes Lady Elaine and Fortune Cookie Man on the two balloons. The Fortune Cookie Man balloon stops near the Museum-Go-Round and the Lady Elaine balloon continues to move.
Back at the house, Mr. McFeely shows up with a video entitled “How People Make Merry-Go-Round Horses.”