Robots & Remotes

Mister Rogers explains the use of a remote control box. Mister Rogers says it isn’t magic but an invention. Mr. McFeely demonstrates a remote-control toy robot. Mr. McFeely and Mister Rogers go to see how people make big robots. Tom Zaher shows them how the robot operates. Tom Zaher then shows how a robot is assembled. Mister Rogers and Mr. McFeely play “Simon Says” with two robots. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Joe Negri and a robot measure the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for the Olympic Games. Lady Elaine talks to the robot about being liked. Daniel asks if he likes being a machine. The robot replies that machines don’t have feelings. The robot, with the help of Kent Tekulve and Lynn Swann, explains how to play baseball and football. Handyman Negri and Daniel talk about how important people’s feelings are. Joe Negri, Mr. Strothers, and Daniel play hot potato. Lady Elaine gives her permission for the Olympic Games.