Rehearsing for the festival

Mister Rogers arrives with a folded quilt made by a friend and a bag of material left over from the quilt. In the kitchen, he uses a piece of sticky felt to arrange the pieces into his own artwork. At Negri’s Music Shop, Mister Rogers meets Dean Shostak — a musician playing a glass armonica. Mr. Shostak demonstrates its unique sound. Together, Mister Rogers, Joe Negri, and Mr. Shostak play a song. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Dr. Bill Platypus, Handyman Negri, and King Friday play The Blue Bells of Scotland. Lady Elaine interrupts their rehearsal. Meanwhile, Lady Aberlin plays hide-and-seek with viewers before she is called to the Platypus mound. Lady Elaine arrives with her head covered with a quilt so no one will see her big nose. Lady Aberlin compliments the quilt and Lady Elaine herself which brings tears to Lady Elaine’s eyes. Lady Elaine comes to the realization that people do not say nice things to her because she does not have nice things to say about them. Handyman Negri arrives with a camera. He uses it to take a picture of the group of neighbors which he will use to start a booklet for the arts festival.