Rain in the neighborhood

It is raining, so Mister Rogers arrives with raincoat and umbrella. He explains what an overshoe is and goes to the porch to watch and listen to the rain. Chuck Aber stops to visit and they talk about things to do while it is raining. Chuck gives Mister Rogers a poster of Sam Weber, a dancer. Chuck does bird whistles and makes other animal sounds and then dances. Mister Rogers does some Tai Chi and talks about all kinds of movement. He says it is important to keep trying in order to get good at something. He reads some poems from the book “Rainy, Rainy Saturday.” He feeds the fish and wonders whether they dance or think that it is always raining because they are always in the water.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, it is raining. Lady Aberlin dances in the rain. X the Owl flies off to look for a rainbow that he can slide down. Patrick Cheng is teaching Tai Chi to Daniel. Patrick talks about Tai Chi and demonstrates his favorite motions. Daniel tells Lady Aberlin that he wants to learn a martial art like Tai Chi so that he can knock out his scary dreams. Corney is waiting for his new salesman and Mr. Aber decides to fill in until the salesman arrives. He demonstrates for Lady Aberlin how to dance while sitting in the Dancerocket. Then she tries it. A beautiful rainbow appears.