Prince Tuesday is worried

Mister Rogers reads a picture book about toilet training, shows the toilet in his bathroom, and says that people can never go down the drain. He goes to Negri’s Music Shop. Helena talks about her son Matthew and her reasons for working. Natasha, the oboist, is also a mother and talks about learning to play the oboe, being a working mother, and expressing her feelings through her playing. Mister Rogers says that children are unique, more than their parents, and much more than any one thing about themselves. He talks about being truthful with people you love. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday talks to Princess Zelda who is wearing a cat costume for fun. He is still angry and says that he thinks he will get sick so his parents will stay home from work. Zelda sings “You’re Much More Than Your Anger” to him. Lady Aberlin brings three small toilets for the new caring center, and Henrietta invites Prince Tuesday to help. He doesn’t feel like helping, but says he will think about it. Princess Zelda suggests they go to the “B” room to look for building blocks for the center and he agrees. Lady Elaine and Lady Aberlin talk about Prince Tuesday, and Lady Elaine says she will talk to him.