Pretend Marriage

Mister Rogers plays the piano and draws with his eyes closed. He visits a non-sighted artist, Crist Delmonico. Mister Rogers talks about how people see works of art differently and tapes an audio thank-you note to Crist. Mister Rogers talks about children pretending that they will grow up and marry their mother or father. He says it is important to know that that doesn’t happen. He says that in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe people will express their feelings and that truth will help them. He also explains that one must tell the truth about any secret that, when kept, makes one feel bad. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday makes his secret announcement that Queen Ida is coming. She arrives and plays the accordion while Miss Paulificate dances the softshoe with X the Owl. Responding to an emergency call from Lady Elaine, Mr. Aber rushes to the castle. After singing with Queen Ida, Mr. Aber is surprised by Lady Elaine’s public announcement that she and he will be getting married.