Playing soccer together

Mister Rogers plays with the Neighborhood of Make-Believe model and talks about who lives there as he places the miniature characters on or near their homes. He goes to see some children practice soccer and scrimage together. Mister Rogers talks about practice and team sports. Mister Rogers talks about including everyone on the special team and how he likes to be together with his television friends. He sings “It’s You I Like.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Randy S. Caribou plays hide-and-seek with Trolley and expresses his wish for a soccer ball to play with. Chef Brockett has two cakes in the shape of soccer balls that he is to bring to Queen Sara for a soccer party she is planning. Randy impetuously squashes one of the cakes with his hoof, then runs away. At the castle Edgar Cooke repairs the cake. At the school the children and Miss Cow recite “Pease Porridge Hot” and then talk about soccer. Randy asks to hide in the school and they say that he may. When Chef Brockett comes to the school and explains that that cake has been fixed, Randy comes out of hiding. When Daniel Tiger and Randy express their sadness about not being on a soccer team, Ana suggests a boy-girl-reindeer-tiger team.