Playing ball in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe

Mister Rogers has brought a bird feeder for the chicks and ducklings delivered by Mr. McFeely. Mister Rogers points out some of the differences between ducklings and chicks. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. Anybody is a ball player. He tries to play with Robert Troll who is very sad because Sara Saturday is away. Lady Elaine joins the game and throws the ball to Robert Troll. He misses the ball and then can’t find it. It is returned by someone new to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Dr. William Duckbill Bagpipe Platypus IV, a veterinarian from Westwood who is looking for someplace to live. Lady Elaine is very suspicious because she doesn’t recognize what kind of animal he is. Robert Troll, an old friend of Dr. Bill, explains he is a duckbill platypus. Robert Troll cheers up after seeing his old friend. Back with Mister Rogers, he has a carving of a duckbill platypus.