Mister Rogers shows a picture of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with flaps which, when lifted, reveal the neighbors who live there. He calls Mr. McFeely on the telephone and sings “One and One are Two.” Mr. McFeely arrives with Motoko, a mime artist who imagines and acts out several activities and events such as eating an apple and catching a butterfly. Mister Rogers sets up the Neighborhood of Make-Believe models on his kitchen table. Mister Rogers makes a picture with two pieces of paper. In one he cuts a door which, when opened, reveals a happy face that he has drawn. He says it’s strange and interesting to think about what the world was like before you were born, how important it is to have people who love you when you are born, and that growing is important for being a good neighbor and loving others. He sings “There are Many Ways.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin takes Trolley off the tracks so Trolley can show King Friday pictures from his past. Lady Aberlin takes Trolley to show Ana and Elsie Jean Platypus pictures of each of them as a baby. At the museum, Trolley reveals pictures of Robert Troll and Lady Elaine and pictures of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe before there were any buildings. Trolley can also turn everything upside down when it is turned over. This special ability is also demonstrated by Lady Aberlin and Robert Troll for X and Henrietta. Mayor Maggie tells King Friday that Trolley is off schedule again. He, Lady Aberlin, and Robert Troll agree to explain.