Pet birds

Mister Rogers talks about up and down movements and demonstrates them with his eyes, arms, and his sweater zipper. He goes outside to show a see-saw and as he reflects, we see a video of things that move up and down, such as a flag and children playing on slides and jumping rope. Marilyn Barnett and Mister Rogers see-saw together then do some exercises. Kara, one of Marilyn’s students, shows some ballet movements. Mister Rogers talks about Chuck Aber’s feeling of loss, then makes two paper birds and attaches them to straws. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday asks Mayor Maggie and Chuck Aber to organize dancing lessons for his birds. The King provides tutus for the birds as well. Lady Elaine’s new elevator is making her museum go up and down instead of around. While Aber goes to investigate, Robert Troll comes by and takes the birds for a walk. Aber returns and begins searching for the two birds on sticks with tutus.