Painting a portrait

Mister Rogers plays peek-a-boo and shows a portrait of his father done by Dianne Dengal. He visits Dianne to have his own portrait painted. Dianne talks about starting to paint as a child and how she learned to paint with her fingers and pieces of rolled up newspaper, because she could not afford brushes. Mister Rogers talks about the differences between himself and his father and says that no two people are exactly alike.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mr. McFeely delivers an “exactly-like-me” portrait to King Friday. It is a mirror, and was created by James Michael Jones who is moving to Southwood in order to marry Betty Templeton. Lady Elaine and Lady Aberlin say yes to being bridesmaids. Hennrietta agrees to being a flower girl. Mister Rogers talks about dressing up and using dolls to re-enact pretend weddings. He says what clothes you wear really doesn’t matter; people can like you just the way you are.