Painting a porch swing

Mister Rogers puts on bib overalls so that he can paint the porch swing. He paints it yellow, his favorite color. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, there is a sign on the castle which says “Closed.” Handyman Negri says the king is having important meetings and is not to be interrupted. Corney asks Handyman for help in putting new models in the display window. Corney thinks there will be a wedding at the castle soon. He says the way to find out is to wait and see. Handyman asks Miss Paulificate about the meetings at the castle. She suggests that he wait and see. Lady Elaine asks Handyman to help her with a new display. Lady Elaine also thinks that King Friday and Sara Saturday are going to get married. King Friday commends Handyman Negri for his good work. Tomorrow the king will make an important announcement. There should be an “open” sign put up the next day.