Nursery rhyme performances

Mister Rogers arrives with nursery rhyme posters that had come in the mail. He is angry that the posters do not have the characters in the pictures. To solve the problem, Mister Rogers has the viewer pretend the characters are in the pictures. Betty Aberlin invites Mister Rogers to the Little Theatre, where the children are acting out various nursery rhymes. On his way back to the house, Mister Rogers runs across Mr. McFeely who loans him a poster of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is playing “Old King Cole.” He insists that Lady Aberlin find him three fiddlers. Lady Aberlin, Mr. McFeely, and Fritz Siegal play “Old King Cole’s” fiddler. Back at the house, Mister Rogers is visited by violinist Fritz Siegal who demonstrates his fiddling talents. Mister Rogers talks about music that can represent different feelings. He talks about practice. He also discusses not being allowed to touch certain things.