Northwood comes to help

Mister Rogers makes a pretend television set out of a box and some bottle caps. He also makes some simple puppets out of other materials and makes up a show with the puppets singing a song to introduce themselves. Mr. McFeely stops by with a goat whose name is William, and gives Mister Rogers a trolley made from a shoe box. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin talks with Queen Sara about the king’s upcoming television appearance. Mr Aber and Lady Aberlin go to the Someplace Else dump and talk to the goats, Donkey, and Harriett about the garbage problem. The Goats think they can help and want to fax their friends in Northwood, so they go the castle F room to find a fax machnine. Queen Sara instructs Lady Aberlin on how to use the fax machine. On “The Universe Today” Patrice interviews Lady Elaine about the garbage problem, and talks to King Friday who has brought his bass violin. Sue Goat calls in to the show to tell the King that the neighbors in Northwood can help. Meanwhile, Lady Aberlin gets a “yes” fax from Northwood, and the TV caller says the goats will help by separating the garbage. Hilda Dingleborder shows her invention, a recycling machine that converts waste into useful objects. Mister Rogers say help is often very close by, and sometimes it is just as important to ask for help as it is to offer help to others. He plays with his homemade puppets and sings “I’m Proud of You.”