Mr. McFeely doll

Mister Rogers enters carrying a box with a Mr. McFeely doll in it. Mister Rogers shows a video on children using their hands to work and play. Then Mister Rogers shows his TV neighbors different things he does with his hands, like playing with building blocks. Mister Rogers shows a picture book entitled “Neighborhood of Make-Believe.” Later, Mister Rogers talks about how the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is just pretend. Mr. McFeely shows up to pick up his doll and drop off a video. The video is entitled “How People Make Facial Tissue.”In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mayor Maggie is talking to King Friday about how Lady Elaine Fairchilde turned Grandpere’s tower upside down when she was angry. Mr. Aber shows up and tells Mayor Maggie he is going to talk to Lady Elaine. Neighbor Aber asks Lady Elaine to talk about her feelings. Lady Elaine tells Mr. Aber she made Mr. McFeely turn into a doll and she will do that to anyone who bothers her including the king. Ana Platypus is afraid of what Lady Elaine is doing, but Mr. Aber comforts her.