Moving day

Mister Rogers pretends a family of dolls is moving from a doll house on his porch to one inside the house. He talks about how the children feel about moving . Mr. McFeely brings a toy moving van. He is on his way to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe to help Lady Elaine and the Froggs move. He asks Mister Rogers for directions to Someplace Else. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine gives Donkey Hodie instructions about renting tents to campers. She is moving her Boomerang-toomerang-soomerang and her bird chart to the Museum-Go-Round. At the Museum-Go-Round, Tad isn’t sure if he is ready to move; he is holding his teddy bear. Mr. McFeely moves the Frogg’s belongings in his bicycle basket. Lady Aberlin runs after them with the king’s portrait which they have forgotten. Lady Elaine is delighted to be in her new home with her new job of curator.