More royal wedding plans

Mister Rogers has a briefcase filled with mittens and gloves of various sizes and purposes. He washes his hands in the bathroom before he tries on any of the gloves. Watching the water drain from the basin, he comments that only water and bubbles go down bathroom drains. Officer Clemmons stops by to pick up the gloves he has lent to Mister Rogers.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri and Lady Elaine are measuring the castle for a wedding gift they are planning. Lady Elaine says it will be ready in two days. King Friday tells Officer Clemmons that the police should issue wedding invitations to everyone in the world. He has made two rules: a bath and purple gloves are mandatory for each guest. Henrietta offers to make gloves for X. Back with Mister Rogers: as he has no purple gloves, Mister Rogers tells Officer Clemmons he will wear make-believe purple gloves for a make-believe wedding.