Making up an opera

Mister Rogers experiments with magnets. Lady Aberlin hopes Reardon will make up an opera this week. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel tells Reardon that he would like to be a teddy bear in an opera. Reardon wants to be the captain of a ship. Lady Aberlin wants to make the costumes and be the lady who takes care of the teddy bear. Dr. Bill will be a Scottish piper. They decide to tell King Friday about their plans for the opera. The king is trying to attract a star with a magnet. He will agree to their plans once he has a star. Lady Aberlin fastens one of her star hair ornaments to his magnet. The king approves the opera and wants the part of the star. Mister Rogers shows how music is written. Officer Clemmons tells Mister Rogers that he is going to ask Reardon if he can be in the opera, too.