Making cotton candy

Chef Brockett shows Mister Rogers how to make cotton candy. He is taking it to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for the carnival. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara, Edgar Cooke, and Robert Troll plan to make caramel apples for the carnival. Chef Brockett tries to give King Friday some cotton candy, but the king insists he first make an appointment. Chef Brockett explains what cotton candy and carnivals are to the king. The king says he is not interested; he has more important matters to attend to. Lady Elaine, dressed as a fortune teller, has a crystal ball. X gets stuck to a caramel apple; Robert Troll pulls him free. Back with Mister Rogers, he talks about making up nonsense language like Robert Troll uses. Mister Rogers says to be sure to be understood it is necessary to speak in words people understand. Grandpere’s French is different from troll talk.