Making bubbles

Mister Rogers talks about blowing bubbles as he blows different sizes. After his hands get sticky from the bubble juice, he goes to the sink to wash his hands and finds out that there is no water. He calls the plumbing service and is told that they will check out the problem. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, preparations are being made for the one-act soap opera at Lady Elaine’s museum called “As the Museum Turns.” Chuck Aber and Mayor Maggie show Robert Troll the automatic bubble maker. Queen Sara, King Friday, Prince Tuesday, Troglodytes, and Miss Paulificatte arrive to watch the play. Mimus Polyglottos is dressed up to play MP, the Police Bird who is guarding the world’s soap supply. Lady Elaine is dressed to star as the hearthrob but has stagefright and forgets her lines. Robert consoles her with his care and concern. Mayor Maggie says that soap operas have many surprises. Tuesday tells Lady Elaine that he is proud of her and the king announces that he loves everyone there, and hopes they can love him even when he makes mistakes. Mister Rogers visits Teodora Schipper who shows him how to make spinach eggrolls. She gives him some to share with his family. The plumber, Sheila McKenna, knocks to tell Mister Rogers the water pipes have been fixed. He sings “There are Many Ways” and says how hard it is to love someone who has been mean to you, and especially when that person is yourself. He says it is important to love our neighbor which can be anyone we meet.