Making and breaking toys

Mister Rogers enters carrying a video and an ‘old homemade toy.’ The toy is a ‘ball machine’ and Mister Rogers shows us how it works. Mister Rogers plays a video of children watching a large ball machine working. Then, he visits George Rhoads, the artist that creates ball machines of all sizes. Mister Rogers returns the video to George. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin shows Prince Tuesday a toy that a friend gave her; it has parts that move in the wind or if someone blows on it. King Friday lands in the castle in a parachute; he has been looking for Hula Mouse (H.M.) all over the world. H.M. is sighted at the Museum-Go-Round with Lady Elaine; Lady Aberlin goes over and shows H.M. and Lady Elaine her toy, and H.M. goes back to the castle with her. Lady Elaine arrives at the castle, and she and King Friday argue over H.M. Lady Aberlin hands King Friday her toy and he throws it on the ground and says, “Balderdash! My rules are my rules!” and goes quickly into the castle. Lady Aberlin picks up her toy which is now broken; she is very upset, and everyone is shocked. Prince Tuesday comes out of the castle and Lady Elaine tells him what has just happened. Prince Tuesday offers to help Lady Aberlin fix her toy. Back at the house, Mister Rogers feeds the fish and asks the viewer about anger and ‘fish feelings.’ Mr. McFeely arrives on his bike with a ‘catch game’, and he and Mister Rogers play the game outside the house.