Loving a puppy

Mister Rogers shows John’s dachshund puppy, Frisky, wearing a leash and collar. He follows the dog and talks about male and female dogs. Mister Rogers visits Bob Trow’s workshop where Bob and John Rogers are making fingerpaint pictures. Mister Rogers returns Frisky to his son. As everyone looks at their fingerprints, even Frisky uses his paw to make a print on paper. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri and Lady Aberlin are looking for Bob Dog. They look all over the neighborhood and in Someplace Else. They find Bob Dog at Donkey Hodie’s. He has run away from Make-Believe fearing that no one will want him around when the royal baby arrives. Opening the letter, Bob Dog is happy to find that King Friday would like him to serve as the royal family’s watchdog. Back at Mr. Trow’s workshop, Mister Rogers talks with John about caring for Frisky, then returns to the television house where he concludes by singing I’m Taking Care of You.