Learning about airplanes

Mister Rogers demonstrates selecting the right size key to open a box that contains the fragile model of an old-fashioned airplane. He talks about things that look like toys, but really are not. He makes a balsa wood toy plane and plays with it, then shows a video of Mr. McFeely’s visit to an air-traffic control tower. Mister Rogers emphasizes how important it is to play to develop ideas.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, H.J. Elephant and Handyman Negri are searching for a master make-believe key by looking for a key that will fly. Queen Sara Saturday gives Tuesday a bicycle. When he rides it, he falls off. A key is found under the bicycle that turns out to be the master make-believe key. Mister Rogers talks about how hard it is to learn some things, but there is time for learning when one is a child. He talks about the length of time it took to construct the delicate model airplane that he showed earlier. Mister Rogers makes a paper airplane and sails it across the room. He sings “I like to take my time.”