King Friday Wants the Best Jazz Musicians to Play a Concert

Mister Rogers talks about knowing things by how they feel. He does a rubbing with a crayon and paper on a rug. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday wants all the best jazz musicians to come to the castle for a jazz festival. He will play his bass fiddle. Handyman Negri is sent to find the musicians and Lady Aberlin to invite the neighbors. Handyman Negri returns with Eric Kloss, a blind saxophonist. Lady Elaine is concerned about his blindness and doesn’t understand how he can play the saxophone. Dr. Bill explains that Eric Kloss didn’t cause his blindness by being bad or by looking at something he shouldn’t have. Lady Elaine, reassured, invites the musician to come to the museum after the concert. Mister Rogers explains that Lady Elaine was worried that she had hurt Eric Kloss’ eyes because she had hurt X’s wing. Of course, she was not responsible.