King Friday Invites Everyone to Watch Television

Mister Rogers explains how to distinguish coins. He shows a credit card and explains that credit is a promise to pay for a purchase. Mister Rogers goes to buy a television from Joe Negri. At Joe Negri’s Music Shop, Mister Rogers buys a color tv that is on special. He makes arrangements to pay monthly installments. Mister Rogers explains that Joe trusts him. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday XIII sends Lady Aberlin to tell everyone that they are invited to the castle to watch TV. After she returns from inviting Dr. Bill, Henrietta, and X, Lady Aberlin turns on the TV. King Friday reprimands her because he is to be the only one to turn on the TV. King Friday turns on the TV and chooses a show he likes. X, Henrietta, and Dr. Bill leave. Ana falls asleep. King Friday announces that everyone must view the show that the king likes everyday. Back with Mister Rogers, he talks about people who want you to learn something you’re not ready for. Mr. McFeely delivers the TV. Mister Rogers explains warranties. He turns to his show on the new TV and demonstrates that he still exists when the set is off.