King Friday apologizes

Mister Rogers enters carrying a violin case; it contains a ukelele with a broken string. Joe Negri stops by to fix the ukelele and stays at Mister Rogers’ house to make the repairs so that we can see how it is done. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday talks to Trolley about apologizing to Lady Aberlin for breaking her toy. Handyman Negri arrives; he has mostly fixed Lady Aberlin’s toy. Lady Aberlin arrives carrying a round piece of wood on a stick; King Friday tells her that her toy is fixed, and she thanks him. As the king starts to leave, Lady Aberlin tells him that he hurt her feelings and those of Hula Mouse and Lady Elaine as well; King Friday makes a new rule that everyone who had hurt feelings will now have good feelings. Lady Aberlin says that you cannot order someone to feel a certain way. King Friday leaves, but then comes back and apologizes to Lady Aberlin. Lady Aberlin goes to Daniel’s clock where Daniel decorates the round wood, then she goes to the Museum-Go-Round to give Lady Elaine the round. Lady Aberlin, Handyman Negri and Lady Elaine talk about King Friday’s apology. Back in Mister Rogers’ house Mister Rogers feeds the fish. Marilyn Barnett arrives, and Mister Rogers goes outside with her to do some exercises. Marilyn leaves and Mr. McFeely arrives with a video called ‘How People Make Bread.’ As he and Mister Rogers watch the video, Mr. McFeely explains the bread-making process. Mister Rogers says that people can love you just as you are and that love just keeps growing.