Imaginary pets

Mister Rogers has a telescope and explains its use. He goes outside to try it out. Bob Trow arrives with his imaginary dog. They talk about pretending. Bob Trow had a hand family as a child, and a pretend language, and a telescope. Mister Rogers sings about pretending. Mr. McFeely arrives with a large carton and talks about using it for play. Mister Rogers says nobody can see another person’s pretend. He talks about using imagination when real people are not available. He sings about taking oneself in hand when we are lonely. He plays with sand and cups and imagines a sand menagerie. He talks about feelings and growing. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Robert Troll speaks with his imaginary pet, Gloria. Queen Sara can’t see the imaginary pet but believes in it anyway. Mr. McFeely arrives with a package for X the Owl. Cornflake S. Pecially asks Mr. McFeely to try out a rocker which collapses under him. The package contains directions and the box is a viewer. X is disappointed at first, but he likes it when he tries it. Robert Troll and Daniel S. Tiger talk about and share their imaginary friends. King Friday summons Robert to the castle and says he wants to see his imaginary pet.