How people make stuffed bears

Mister Rogers takes a stuffed bear out of a suitcase and talks about how a heart symbolizes love. He takes a bear costume out of the suitcase and tries it on. Mr. McFeely tries on the costume bear head. They watch a video, “How People Make Stuffed Bears.” Mister Rogers says that it is the insides of people that matter and not the ouside. He sings “It’s You I Like.” In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin tells Queen Sara that she is planning something fun. King Friday and Queen Sara talk about how they spend their time. Mr. McFeely delivers a suitcase filled with hearts to Lady Elaine. Someone dressed in a bear costume keeps everyone wondering about his or her identity. The bear visits X, Henrietta, and Daniel. Daniel figures out that the bear is Lady Aberlin from the nice way she talks. She sings “I Like Someone Who Looks Like You” to him. King Friday complains that Queen Sara and Lady Aberlin are spending their time on other activities than work.