How people make steel pans

Mister Rogers enters carrying a toy called a pounding board. He tells his TV neighbors that you should only pound appropriate things, not walls and furniture. Mister Rogers shows how to play with homemade play clay. Later, Mr. McFeely brings by a steel pan or what is sometimes called a steel drum. Mr. McFeely also has a video of his friend Phil Solomon making steel pans. Mister Rogers talks about how learning new skills takes practice. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin is talking to King Friday about Lady Elaine Fairchilde turning Grandpere’s tower upside down. Lady Aberlin decides that pounding might help Lady Elaine stop feeling angry. Lady Aberlin stops by Daniel Striped Tiger’s clock on her way to Lady Elaine’s place. Lady Aberlin asks Daniel Tiger if she can borrow his pounding board so that Lady Elaine can pound it. Betty Templeton Jones shows up at Lady Elaine’s with play clay to help Lady Elaine constructively express her anger.