How people make peanut butter

Mister Rogers enters wearing a peanut lei. He explains that all peanuts are different, and shows a toy that makes different patterns and shapes with colored oil and water. He begins to read a poem, “How Do I Love Thee?” but stops when Mr. McFeely delivers a video about how people make peanut butter. He and Mister Rogers watch the video and Mister Rogers explains that people have to go to work in order to make things. Mister Rogers says a good way to learn is to look carefully, and he sings “I’m Taking Care of You.” Mr. McFeely delivers a flower lei.In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Queen Sara speaks with Lady Aberlin about work and Prince Tuesday’s feelings of fretfulness. Lady Aberlin talks with Cornflake S. Pecially about Daphne, the baby of his employee, Mrs. Dingleborder. She had to bring her baby to work with her because she couldn’t find a sitter. Princess Zelda stops by with peanuts. Lady Aberlin agrees to take care of Daphne. Henrietta Pussycat suggests making a daycare center at the factory, and Corney agrees.