How people make markers

Mister Rogers uses paper and markers to “draw a song” as he listens to music by Mozart. He talks about the wearing of glasses. Mr McFeely arrives with a video: “How people make colored markers.” Mister Rogers discusses pretending and shows a variety of people’s hands then draws a silhouette of his hand. He talks about beauty in differences. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday converses with his bird, Mimus Polyglottos. Mr. McFeely asks why the king has wooden birds. He responds that they require little care and he can pretend they are alive. Mr. McFeely has a package for X the Owl. The king is curious about the contents. Privacy issues are discussed. Mr. McFeely attempts to deliver the package. X is out. Henrietta Pusycat offers to open the package. More privacy discussion follows. Henrietta speculates as Mayor Maggie arrives. They speculate together, then Maggie sings and hand-signs a song. X arrives; the package is opened. It contains a tripod. They pretend to make a viewer for the tripod. Maggie visits the king. She tells him what the package held.