How people make crayons

Mister Rogers arrives with a box of crayons. He talks about how people make crayons and experiments with writing words on different colored papers with different colored crayons. Carol Saunders arrives with a poem about what moving means and shows Mister Rogers children’s drawings of people moving. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Mrs. Saunders helps Lady Elaine tie up Officer Clemmons with a paper chain. Then Lady Elaine sings a hypnotic song so Officer Clemmons won’t move away. Officer Clemmons tells Lady Elaine that chains make people angry and make them not want to visit. Lady Elaine releases Officer Clemmons and gives him the chain to keep. Back with Mister Rogers, Mrs. Saunders sings with him about quiet fish. The two of them make plans about gifts to make for Officer and Mrs. Clemmons.