How people make bandages

Mister Rogers enters carrying a doll. He pretends that it is dancing and playing hide-and-seek and feeling ill. He plays a song for it on the piano and sings “I’m Taking Care of You.” Mr. McFeely arrives with a video about people making bandages. He demonstrates making adhesive bandages first, then they watch the video. Mister Rogers puts a bandaid on the ailing rag doll and talks about the benefits of pretending with dolls. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday plays with a rag doll. He is unhappy because he has no friend to play with. The King tells him to pretend that Tommy, the rag doll, is alive. When he does, the rag doll turns into a live human being, who dances while the King plays his bass violin. Tommy wears a bandage on his hand and lifts it to make sure he is still there. Tommy and Tuesday visit Ana Platypus and talk about bandaids. At the castle, when Lady Elaine says she doesn’t believe Tommy has come alive, he turns back into a rag doll. Mister Rogers explains that dolls only come alive in make-believe, but it is ok to pretend. He feeds the fish, and Mr. McFeely returns with a large music box and explains how it works.