Growing up is important

Mister Rogers pretends that a doll is moving from a crib to a big bed. He uses his hand for pantomiming. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Handyman Negri is very tired. He was up all night making a leaf mattress for the Wizard of Lupovich. Henrietta and X tell Handyman how they sleep. The wizard is ready to return to Lupovich. Dr. Bill examines King Friday who is complaining of the sniffles. Dr. Bill finds nothing wrong with the king, but gives him some cotton balls to make him feel better. The wizard gives the king a box that will open magically tomorrow. Then the wizard wishes himself home. The king tells Handyman to open the box today, but he is unable to. They must wait until tomorrow. Back with Mister Rogers, he says he is glad his boyhood wish to be a grownup didn’t come true at the time. Growing up is important.