Goodbye Officer Clemmons

Mister Rogers arrives with a small rock he will paint and give to the Clemmonses for a moving-away gift. Mr. Negri and Mrs. Saunders visit and sing the song Mister Rogers wrote for the Clemmonses. Mister Rogers paints a large “C” on the rock. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Elaine doesn’t want the Clemmonses to move because she fears they may never come back. The Clemmonses promise they will visit; Lady Elaine gives each of them a pretend raspberry delight. X the Owl gives them an orange as a gift. Henrietta becomes upset because she doesn’t have a gift, but she is delighted when Officer Clemmons suggests she give them each a kiss as a gift. The Clemmonses also receive a portrait of the king and queen from King Friday and Queen Sara. Daniel gives them a polished stone and a song. Back with Mister Rogers, Betty Aberlin arrives with assorted types of raspberry delights. When the Clemmonses arrive they eat the dessert and talk about their new home and jobs. Mr. Negri and Mrs. Saunders sing, and Mister Rogers gives them their paperweight. Mister Rogers talks about how hard it is when friends move.